Monday, 30 May 2011

Nutritional Comic and Adventurous Recipes!

In our fourth year, my fellow Illustration students and I had Narrative Illustration all year. First semester was introductory, we made some smaller comics and narrative pieces, usualy 1 - 3 pages in length. Second Sememster we had to conceive of, plan and execute something much larger! A semester-long project it was. I chose to make an informative nutritional comic, that would be put together in a book with a bunch of my favourite recipes. The final is about 32 pages, and includes 19 recipes that are mostly vegan, and definitely all vegetarian. I and my mom have stamped all of the recipes with "tried and true", and the comic is all about sugar and dairy. If you're 'into that sort of thing' and would like to purchase a copy, you can preview and buy one right here!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A GIF from me to you!

From the afore-mentioned (below-mentioned!) animation, a GIF made from 50 drawings. This is the most-well developed part of the animation...the rest needs more work before I'm happy with it. But...ta-da! The first GIF: piece of cake actually! ..Once you have your drawings prepared. A neat way to create short little clips. (Click on the image or refresh the page to watch it again.)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

And in the valley there was a grove..

Drawings for an animation I put together a little while ago as my last project for school. Animation based on a poem by Daniel Nadeau, about a black and white tree...more on this soon !

Well, welcome to the new place! Hope you like it here, I'm still just setting things up of course, but please stop by anytime.