Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nancy's Painting

In may of last year, a good friend of the family asked me to paint for her husband (for Christmas) a series of barns that they pass by on the way to their cottage, one of his favourtie scenes. So, last year I went up to their cottage for the May long weekend, and was able to snap some good shots of the place - it was a beautiful sunny day - and paint it in time for Christmas. It was a stressful project: I left it until November/ December, and it my first real return to art since graduating in April. I certainly felt very rusty, and had to do many sketches/ mock-ups before I felt comfortable going on to the final piece! Overall I was pretty happy with it, and was very fortunate to be present when "the big unveiling" happened for both N and her husband.
So, after 6 months of inactivity on this blog, here are some pictures!

 the photos I was working from

 final composition layout,

and final, finally! Not great pictures I know. But alas it was too big for the scanner!